Renovation of Coco by its cabin, and its foredeck

The first stage of the renovation was to break up the old plywood cabin to replace it with a new coachroof*.
By removing all that the *elongies* appeared completely moldy, so we replaced the main parts of the boat to be able to put the roof on it soundly.
3 deck slats have therefore been refitted all along the cabin and the aft saloon.

From there we were able to fit the coachroof coamings and completely redesign the forward coaming which is now slightly curved inside to be able to lean back quietly

The roof bars on which the roof will come to rest must respect a geometry, a design and an elegant shape from the inside and the outside while being structuring.

Installation of the Roof, miniuming, sealing cut with Sika seal and manufacture of a new companionway cover.

This can be derided as this boat was acquired in very poor condition. In particular, the foredeck was destroyed and replaced by a simple plywood board. We think that an accident which would have also affected the starboard side is the cause, because it is hard to go and destroy the slats of noble wooden bridges!
The work of Chantier Naval Borg is extremely noble and modest at the same time, an elegance that finds its lines in geometry and precision. The slats are all in Iroko and pose Sika. We don't come to stain them, varnish them, or treat them in Linen, otherwise they turn black.

Finishing of the *roof*: *Handrails*, companionway cover fixed on its rails. Front facade replaced in plywood, laid over and painted. Installation of water jets.
Joints of coamings laid and glued with beautiful pieces

  • *roof*: roof of the cabin where the mast is placed
  • *Handrails*: To hold onto the sides of the cabin from rear to front or vice versa
  • * water jets *: seals and also beautiful parts to push the water out of the cabin. * planking *: external slats that start from the keel to the deck
  • *lined with bulwarks*: external slats which start from the gunwale, up to the desired level for the comfort of navigation.
  • *roof coaming*: what could be called the bulkheads of the cabin and the aft saloon
  • *roof*: roof of the cabin where the mast is placed
  • *elongated*: a sort of small horizontal beam that runs the length of Coco from front to back on which rests the deck and the cabin.
  • *minium*: orange anti-rust paint: natural mineral form of lead(II,IV) oxide (lead tetroxide), a toxic pigment of the formula Pb3O4, once used in artistic paint and as an anti-rust primer.

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