How to book an outing?

On this website you will find all our offers with a range of possible configurations depending on the date of your sea trip and the person(s) with whom you wish to travel.   

Some examples of outputs

Three types of experiences are offered, with regard to your partner(s) for the cruise (friends, family, work colleagues, lovers, lovers). Children between 0 and 2 years old are not accepted on board.   However, nothing is definitive and we will be happy to welcome your group, however varied it may be, for the desired outing. See these offers as proposals.   To make your reservation, simply do a search according to the desired date. If the release is not available that day, you can do a second search in the blue square on the right side of the page.   Choose the experience that best suits you and when booking do not hesitate tell us what you would like to have on board.   (Professional family photo; Aperitif; Meal…)   Before booking, carefully read the further information who will probably answer your questions. Otherwise, do not hesitate to refer to the FAQ. (Link to FAQ)   Basic information will be required when booking: Last name, first name, Address, Address and e-mail, then you will access a payment page.    Once the confirmation email has been sent, nothing can compromise your outing except heavy clouds on D-Day.   The skipper will contact you 3 days before to confirm the trip to sea according to the weather report. If ever the weather forecast prevents navigation, you have two choices:     You can cancel the outing and be reimbursed. (Note that in the event of cancellation, we retain a booking fee of 15 euros).   You can postpone the outing to another day. (No additional costs are charged). The Captain Coco team


Telephone: +33 7 79 52 03 57 / E-mail:
How to book?
Meeting place

43.29°N - 5.36°E

Meeting point

Pick-up location: Forecourt of the Town Hall
Unless there is a special note from us, all departures and arrivals are in front of the Bargemon pavilion of the Hotel de Ville (central town hall).
Forecourt of the Town Hall
66 Port Quay
43.29°N – 5.36°E
  • From the Old Port – Metro M2
  • Town hall car park
Covered car park / Place Jules Verne 13002 Marseille
Open 24/7


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