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  • Captain Coco is a registered trademark of the company COCO MARSEILLE SASU
  • Domiciled at 31, La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
  • Siret: 884 330 895, RCS of Marseille
  • Creation date: 10-06-2020
  • Manager: Fanny Havas


Capitaine Coco is a project that was born thanks to the many talents who came to offer their help. We are proud to quote them here.


Acquisition of the vessel Coco

  • Boud'mer, association law 1901 created in August 2001, by a few lovers of the sea and traditional boats. 41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseilles

Carpentry, wood and design:

  • Denis Borg, shipwright at Borg Shipyard
  • Florian Bonamour, carpenter
  • Wandrille, carpenter
  • Alexandre Carpentier, carpenter

Mechanical :

  • Luc Paccioni, marine mechanic, and his son Michel
  • Gérard Barloy, mechanic and manager of the Beaucaire ANCRE shipyard
  • Ben, boilermaker at Sima ironwork, Zi, Avenue du Tube, 13800 Istres
  • Patrick Leclaire, marine mechanic of the MACT club

Crane and transport

  • Norbert Overcoat, heavy goods carrier
  • Stéphane Labarth crane operator of the MACT club
At sea
  • HornBlower, Arnaud

Finishes and equipment

Marine upholstery

Professional clothing

Project creation

Project direction

  • Marie Antonelle Joubert

Communication & Text

  • Sophie Spagnolo
  • Leo Milhomme


Logos and illustrations

  • Loule, artist, serigraphist and photographer
  • Axelle Gay, graphic designer and game designer
  • Nayara Barros, painter and creator of the Le Monde Invisible poster


All photographs are original and belong to their authors:
  • Nayara Barros
  • Maxence Vincent
  • Sherley Sebbagh
  • Vanilla Warrior
  • Jade Annest
  • Morgane Keromnes
  • Francois Mouren Provensal
  • Henri Eskenazi
  • Laura Jourdan

Web development

  • Loic Martin, web developer
  • Marc Jarsaillon, web developer
  • Anurag Kewat, web developer
  • Joël Robic, system installer


  • Training Association for Mediterranean Professional Cooperation and Promotion (ACPM). Continuing Education Center. 48 Avenue Marcel Delprat
  • Le Carburateur – Entrepreneurship Center · Incubator. 211 Chemin de la Madrague-Ville
  • PONANT, Sustainable Development Department, 408 Avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseille

little hands

  • Xiaomi
  • Victor
  • Maxentius
  • Dawn
  • Remi
  • Remi H.
  • Malik
  • Philip
  • Frederic
  • Cihan


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