Sailing on a soft, intimate and authentic boat

And welcome aboard Coco, the tray with a thousand and one ideas. On Coco you will find everything to love Marseille and its harbor even more. From #outings at sea around a #oursinade, to # sailing lessons and a #business lunch off the coast of Friuli, Coco has more than one idea in her net to give a smile and the desire to get some fresh air for those who dare climb on board. Coco is our eco-responsible, inclusive and festive project. He was saved from drowning and rehabilitated thanks to the fervor of a committed crew attached to the values of traditional Marseillais craftsmanship. E*coco*responsible because it respects the traditions of ancestral know-how Inclusive because it is designed to serve everyone. Festive because open, creative and welcoming On Coco you can: Dream / Navigate / Marvel? / Helping each other / Drawing / Dancing / Eating / Diving / Listening / Kissing / Having fun / Connecting / Enjoying / Meeting / Imagining / Chatting / Learning / Innovating / Kiffer / Twerking / Swaguer / Rambling / Loving each other …

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1. E-coco-Responsible
Coco wishes to transmit humanistic and generous values through its e-coco-responsible project. Coco strives to pursue several objectives: Diversify audiences Organize outings aimed at an exclusively female audience in a world of sailing that is still very masculine today Discover and preserve local heritage Offer a bilingual guide for foreign tourists
2. Feminist, inclusive and generous
Generosity is at the center of Coco's project and runs like a common thread through our projects. Sharing a dinner imagined by a local chef, learning to sail, exchanging stories about Marseille, marveling at the fauna and flora, meeting new people on board during a group outing, all our projects try to promote cohesion and create social ties on board this floating jewel.
3. The Mediterranean today
The Mediterranean Sea, despite all its treasures, is also a sea full of tragic stories. It is gradually being transformed into a marine cemetery: every week, men, women and children set out to sea in makeshift canoes and try, risking their lives, to reach the other shore. In Marseille, centers welcome many migrants, some of whom suffer from real trauma. Alongside associations, Coco wants to help survivors regain confidence at sea by making them sail.
4. A boat in the water all year round
And yes, in total in the Old Port, two-thirds of pleasure boats go out less than 30 days a year. That is 11 months of inactivity for more than 1,500 boats. One day per month will be reserved for associations and social structures working with remote and/or disabled people, many of whom do not know the pleasures of navigation. For Coco, bringing the local heritage to life begins: - By once again generating intense activity on the sea - Giving a second wind to the traditional Marseillaise trays, by proposing fun and varied offers - Proposing wide offers accessible to all - Communication efficient

A word from your Captain

“As your captain I will always be there for you. To prepare the next race plan, the best route, to reserve the best tables and the best crossings. So that once you get home, you keep a sweet and salty taste of our adventures, a dancing step of this swell that carried us and an imperishable memory of my dear Coco whom I love so much. » Fanny

Both a captain at sea and a manager on land, Fanny has experience of well-established entrepreneurial projects, both socially and economically.
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