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Spread the word, it's not just OM, pastis and petanque in Marseille. There is also our own monument Chez le Belge, the street science course at the basket and the new Cosquer cave that comes out of the water! Because yes, to visit Marseille is to immerse yourself in a city with an exceptional heritage. Over 2600 years of ever-changing history! 
You can visit the Château d'If and eat in the village of Frioul at Lou Frieu by taking the shuttles from the Old Port
From the Calanque de Callelongue you can take an accessible hike that will take you to Marseilleveyre and perhaps eat At the Belgian
Experience the real Noailles souk, stop for a tea on Rue Halle Delacroix, meet Jiji, whose two shops Golden Palm rue d'Aubagne where you can bring back treatments, oriental products and traditional dishes.
Follow the street science route around plankton at the basket and eat an ice cream at Black Vanilla
This is the event of summer 2022! Take your tickets to visit the new Cosquer Cave, near the MuCEM
Visiting the creeks is a must see! Avoid the overcrowded Calanque de Sugiton which requires having book a pass, and walk early in the morning in case of strong heat. Take all the water you need with you.
In Pointe-Rouge it is common to rent a kayak or a paddle and spend the afternoon there and continue the evening at The Friends Cabin ­
End a day with a setting sun on the rocks of Malmousque or in the taste garden for a dinner At Aposto in this same small village
A 180 degree view overlooking the city of Marseille and a crazy program is what awaits you at Baou especially if you come across the Maraboutage Family!


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