An open day: get on board!

Marseille is a maritime city which combines many assets: weather conditions that allow you to go on the water practically all year round, a chiselled coast offering beautiful landscapes, direct access to the coast provided by a fairly well protected harbour.
Whether by the north, the south or the center, going to sea is technically quite easy, by sailboat, motorboat or on the small emblematic traditional boats, the barquettes.
Without forgetting Marseille 2024 which will establish Marseille as THE maritime city of the Olympic Games in just 3 years.
However, many people from Marseille have never been on the water, some only know the harbor of Marseille through its beaches or its coastline. Boarding offers exist but are not very visible and often only concern “initiates” (sailing, motor, fishing, etc.)1 . Marseille is surely the city which nevertheless includes the most practitioners in the Mediterranean but this figure does not reach the attendance of the Breton coasts.
For example, in Brest, 30,000 people practice a sailing sport in one of the many associations and clubs, i.e. slightly more than 20% of the population of Brest against 7,000 listed in 2017 and therefore less than 8% of the Marseille population.





1. Our vision
We want this hidden territory to be more and more accessible. Various projects have abounded in recent months in this direction: creation of swimming pools at sea, project to open the sea dike to the public, request for collectives to open swimming areas (MUCEM)... Not to mention finally the overcrowding of the Calanques which could be reduced by easier access to the sea via Marseille and the opening to sailboats and boats with non-thermal engines. We want the sea to be organized, visible, possible for all Marseille residents. Let adventure be at your fingertips.
2. Our proposal
An open day at sea. To board and sail the 50%s on unknown seas. By seafarers: associations, professionals and individuals who sail, and for the Marseille public. In a seasonal regularity as an event per quarter.
3. Our goals
Discover the different options available to Marseille residents to discover this marine area. Discover the marine environment, its heritage and Marseille seen from the sea. Federate the seafarers

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The main partners

We are a unit of professionals, individuals, associations, enthusiasts, citizens of a city made up of 50% of water who wish to offer easy access to the sea once or several times a year.

The Office of the Sea

Radio Woot


Captain Coco

Marseille Capital of the Sea

Earthship Sister



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