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Table d'hôtes Arty and Gourmet in the heart of the village of
by a couple of traveling artists who love cooking, good tables, wines and encounters
Nadia Lagati & Philippe Ivanez
It is a Marseilles house with blue wooden shutters with a pretty tree-lined courtyard in the fishing village of Malmousque such as we could fantasize in our desires for idleness. Quite simply, it offers the luxury of an intimate and secret getaway with its new tenants, Nadia Lagati and Philippe Ivanez. In line with the Italian slow food movement, Aposto! which means both "in place" and "everything is fine" wishes to celebrate moments of sharing and encounters around art and gastronomy. For the couple in the city as in the kitchen, the past "funny year" was the trigger for a new way of seeing their job, slowing down the pace to take the time to live and create.

Bistro and gastronomic menu

55 € with drinks (non-alcoholic)

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