The Ultimate Sea Experience (Ultimate = the best)

Climb aboard the Coco and… Dream / Sail / Marvel / Draw / Dance / Eat / Dive / Listen / Kiss / Enjoy / Connect / Enjoy / Meet / Imagine / Chat / Learn / Innovate / Envisage/ Twerk / Swagger / Deviate/ Love Generosity and inclusivity are central to our philosophy: Share a dinner realized by a local chef, learn how to sail, listen stories of Marseille, marvel in front of the fauna and flora, and make new acquaintances… Aboard our floating jewel, everything has been formulated with cohesion and social interaction in mind.

The Barquette: A Marseillian Symbol

The Marseillian barquette is part of a wider Mediterranean boat family. The provencal name Barquette, is derived from Italian Barqueto, meaning ‘ship craft’. Present in Marseille since the 18th Century, it was first invented by marine carpenters. Now a historic symbol of Marseilles maritime’ life and considered the pride of Marsillian shipyards, the barquette and its cousins ​​Pointus, Gozzo, Tartanes, are ships known for being robust and comfortable. The great marine carpenters of Southern Italy first designed the distinctive shape of these boats and developed their unique technical characteristics at the end of the 19th century. They were originally used for professional fishing in Marseille and today, they are mostly used as pleasure boats and especially for recreational fishing because they have a reputation for very good performance at sea. Coco is now one of the 502 barquettes recognised by the “Heritage, culture and boats” commission. In accordance with the Office of the Sea,2005; it was first recognised as a Patrimonial Heritage Boat in 2011 and renewed this status in 2015 and 2019.

Touristic Guide

What do you think about living a great experience at sea like if you were a fisherman with its nets on the barquette? And …

But who is Coco ?

Coco is an original and typical Marseillan Pointu or barquette. She was born in 1969 in Carqueiranne. Her unique and celebrated shape resembles a rowing boat with a long post at the stern. Renamed in 2018, Coco was formerly known as Scorpion. She was previously owned by the association Boudmer where she first met current owner Fanny Havas. Coco has widely participated in a wide range of festivities that take place in the Port of Marseille each year. She has previously hosted variety of participants on board (associations, social center youths, etc.), embarked on thematic outings and visited a wide range of locations including, the natural reserve of Riou or Frioul Archipelago. When the Boudmer Association and completed its repairs and needed to part with Coco, Fanny Havas decided to give her a second life and mastered the intricacies of sailing this precious Tall ship. The rebirth of Coco’s has been an energetic and inclusive venture, characterized by sincere values and hope. Coco has also been recognized as a Ship of Heritage Interest. Link:


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