Sailing on a soft, intimate and authentic boat

Welcome aboard Coco, the “barquette” of a thousand and one ideas.   On the Coco you will find everything to love about the phocean city and its harbour.   Whether it be; excursions for a celebration, sailing classes or a business lunch to visit the Frioul; Coco has more than one idea in its net to make you smile and bring you abroad to take a breath of marine air.   Coco is an ecoco-friendly project; inclusive and celebratory. The remarkable vessel was salvaged and restored by the determination of its crew, who were impassioned and committed to the preservation of the traditional Massalian boat.   Climb aboard the Coco and… Dream / Sail / Marvel / Draw / Dance / Eat / Dive / Listen / Kiss / Enjoy / Connect / Enjoy / Meet / Imagine / Chat / Learn / Innovate / Envisage/ Twerk / Swagger / Deviate/ Love …




Days of sunshine

1. E coco-Friendly
Coco would like to impart humanist values through its e-coco-friendly project: Excursions are welcome for diverse groups, including boat trips for female only participants. Our brand endeavors to raise environmental awareness; highlighting upcycling and renovation work, as well as the discovery and preservation of local heritage. Bilingual guides are available.
2. Feminist, inclusive and generous Warm and Inclusive
Generosity and inclusivity are central to our philosophy: Share a dinner realized by a local chef, learn how to sail, listen stories of Marseille, marvel in front of the fauna and flora, and make new acquaintances… Aboard our floating jewel, everything has been formulated with cohesion and social connection in mind.
3. The Mediterranean today
Beyond its beauty and its treasures, The Mediterranean Sea is also charged with tragic stories. Day after day, the Sea morphs into a gloomy marine graveyard, in which men, women, and children endeavor to cross the sea and risking their lives on make-shift boats in search of a better life… For those who succeed, the trauma of the experience persists. Coco strives to assist associations who help these rescued migrants to overcome these distressing experiences, helping individuals to regain confidence at sea.
4. A ship all year at sea
Unfortunately, in the Vieux Port, two thirds of the boats leave the Vieux Port less than 30 days per year. Therefore, 1 500 vessels are inactive for 11 months of each year. We endeavor to reserve one day each month to provide associations and social organizations the opportunity to discover the pleasure of life at sea. We believe that preserving local heritage starts with boosting activity and with operating efficient communication that reaches out to a wider audience. With such a varied program of activities, we are committed to breathing both life and fun back into these traditional fishing boats.

A word of your captain

“As your captain, I will always be here for you. Planning the route for the upcoming excursion, booking the finest tables and selecting the most incredible crossings; I wish when you get back to your place, you keep a sweet and salty memory of our adventure; a dancing pace of the mellow swell that carried us and an enduring memory of our dearest Coco that I love.” Captain at sea and CEO on land, Fanny is an experienced and project-manager who has meticulously orchestrated this project to ensure a solid social and economic plan.


Fanny, directrice de la société est à votre écoute. Cliquez sur cette boite de dialogue pour lui envoyer un message sur Whatsapp.

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