The Ultimate Sea Experience

Climb aboard the Coco and… Dream / Sail / Marvel / Draw / Dance / Eat / Dive / Listen / Kiss / Enjoy / Connect / Enjoy / Meet / Imagine / Chat / Learn / Innovate / Envisage/ Twerk / Swagger / Deviate/ Love

But who is Coco ?

Coco is an original and typical Marseillan Pointu or barquette. She was born in 1969 in Carqueiranne. Her unique and celebrated shape resembles a rowing boat with a long post at the stern. Renamed in 2018, Coco was formerly known as Scorpion. She was previously owned by the association Boudmer where she first met current owner.

The Barquette: A Marseillian Symbol

The Marseillian barquette is part of a wider Mediterranean boat family. The provencal name Barquette, is derived from Italian Barqueto, meaning ‘ship craft’. Present in Marseille since the 18th Century, it was first invented by marine carpenters. Now a historic symbol of Marseilles maritime’ life and considered the pride of Marsillian shipyards

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